Podcast with Dr. R. Schwartz and Tim Ferris- IFS and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies

Certain forms of Psychotherapy, including IFS and Hakomi, offer such an exploration of our deeper realms. Through mindful attention and imaginative visualization, we can visit many different parts of ourselves, and gather unexpected information. What burdens do our different parts carry? How old are they? What beliefs have they concretized about you? What jobs do these parts take on to keep you safe? And what are they needing in order to relax and heal? These “intra-psychic visits” typically have an other-worldly feeling to them- as if you have been on a journey.

This podcast offers an opportunity to listen in on an intimate IFS session between Dr. Richard Schwartz (the creator of the model) and Tim Ferris, who suffered childhood sexual abuse. It is a beautiful illustration of how our varied parts communicate with us somatically as they strive to protect us in the ways they know how. Learning to tune into these parts (such as an anxious part in this example) with curiosity can offer so much clarity around why they exist, what they fear, and who they are protecting. When we connect more deeply with these parts and forge a deeper and more intimate relationship with them, we usually experience a softening and a reduction in our somatic sensations.

Tim described how his inner IFS journey shared similarities with his experience with Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in that both offer an opportunity to connect with the complexities of our intra-psychic multiplicity from a place of compassion and curiosity.

Here is the link to listen: