Emotional Focused Therapy

Emotional Focused Therapy


Our emotional inner life can be our most valuable guide

EFT suggests that our emotional inner life can be our most valuable guide rather than experienced as merely states of being. As we befriend our emotions, they become an illuminating compass- directing us toward what we need and informing us on how to take action. When we allow ourselves to fully experience our emotional climate, we can become more intentional, aware and discerning with our life choices.

A safe and compassionate place for expressions of truth

Couples work with EFT requires a safe place for expressions of truth-where we can learn to take greater ownership of ourselves and also honor compassionate understanding of the other.

The human relational dance always clamors for balance between our ability to navigate our own needs with our desire for authentic connection with another.

Greater intimacy with ourselves and others also necessitates deeper awareness of our default behavioral patterns stemming from childhood wounding or family of origin experiences. We can both acknowledge and tend to our well-grooved self-protective strategies and also create space to welcome the softer, more vulnerable emotions braided to our yearning for deeper attachment.  

As we become familiar with our behavioral patterns, we can achieve deeper intimacy and experience greater closeness.

Gayle Waitches and Illumination Counseling offer EFT therapy for individuals and couples in SE Portland, Oregon