Self-love is to become more deeply Self-acquainted.

You are likely wondering what it may be like to come to therapy. Our first session can be a consultation in which you get the opportunity to feel what it is like to be together, and I can start to get to know you. Your experience is so important; research shows that the most significant factor in a positive outcome in therapy is the relationship with the therapist.

"I consider myself an honored and compassionate traveling companion along your journey toward deeper Self discovery"

Individual Therapy

I consider myself an honored and compassionate traveling companion along your journey toward deeper Self discovery. Our sessions together can be spacious--precious opportunities to unfold your many complexities. During our time together, I will rely on a variety of methods to accompany you in your self-exploration. As you share what feels important, we may pay special attention to what is happening in the here-and-now through your words, emotions, body sensations, visualizations, beliefs, images and/or dreams. You’ll likely want to explore familiar and less conscious parts of yourself-you may even discover parts which surprise you. As you learn more about yourself, such as what motivates or limits you, you will become better at meeting your own needs. Should you encounter inner conflicts or painful emotions in our work together, I can help you to tolerate and move through the discomfort, and soothe yourself in healthful ways. Understanding and allowing your emotions helps to inform and improve the quality of your life.


"I consider myself an honored and compassionate traveling companion along your journey toward deeper Self discovery".


Couples Therapy

The quality of our relationships, particularly our intimate ones, is vital to our sense of life satisfaction. We need to feel connected, seen, loved and chosen. But relationships can also be challenging. Sometimes we rely on strategies that sabotage comforting connection. Creating a safe space to be vulnerable and unpack our protective and sensitive parts can allow for deeper intimacy. 

Working on your relationship may be one of the most important and impactful investments you can make.

I employ an anti-racist, anti-sexist, sex-positive, pro-disability justice, kink positive, poly-am friendly, queer-friendly, body positive, strengths-based perspective.

Illumination Counseling with Gayle Waitches offers couple's therapy in SE Portland to facilitate greater intimacy, connection, growth and repair in your marriage, relationships, and love life.