About Me

About Me

A lifelong learner and practitioner

I am both a physician and an individual and relational licensed professional counselor (LPC). I obtained a MS from Portland State University while also immersing in a year-long internship at the M.E.T.A. Institute (Mindfulness Experiential Therapeutic Approaches) where I studied Hakomi and other mindfulness-based approaches. I also hold a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Midwestern University in Chicago. While I continue to practice radiologic medicine, a yearning for deeper human connection and soulful exploration created a shift in my practice toward the study of mental and emotional well-being. Radiology and counseling share similarities as both require exploration and insight beyond the surface. Therapy offers a loving, safe, consistent and collaborative relational space through which to reacquaint more deeply with oneself, and in so doing, carve a life embodying greater clarity, intention, growth and authenticity. My experience as a physician in the holistic world of Osteopathy offers a unique sensibility regarding the interconnectedness of neuroscience and the tender yet pliable human psyche.

As a mother, I have had the deep privilege and joy of raising two beautiful and remarkable sons. It remains the honor of a lifetime as I watch them evolve into their most genuine selves. One of the jewels mined along my journey of mothering is how authentic connection is best achieved within a spirit of openhearted acceptance and curiosity.

We all carry with us the ramifications of our unique ways of being human. Besides motherhood, I identify as a female who navigates cultural forces which can be confusing, dismissive, devaluing, objectifying, frightening and cruel. My personal experience of simmering within our cultural soup provides me with greater sensitivity for the challenges of marginalized folks, and has helped me to more deeply awaken to the privileges I do hold. I strive to bring this cultural sensibility into my practice in order to more consciously explore the impact of systemic forces on all identities.

As a licensed professional counselor, I am supervised by Deah Baird, MA, ND, LPC, CHP.


My study of medicine and counseling continues to awaken my awe and sensitivity to the challenges and wonders of being human. I offer a holistic, openhearted approach to therapy which welcomes all of who you are and rests on the belief that you hold trustworthy impulses for health, wholeness and Self-love. Our work together will be a safe and collaborative journey through which you lead the way through your life’s digestion process. A crucible for transformation, deep intimacy with oneself or another requires courage and authenticity.

I embrace multicultural humility and affirm people of all genders, abilities, races, ethnicities, spiritualities, religions and other intersectional diversities.


I share Michel Eigen's perceptions about therapy:

“I know of no other place dedicated to enabling human beings to explore every nuance of what they feel in an atmosphere dedicated to growing the equipment to support such exploration.”

- Michael Eigen, PhD, Psychotherapist and Author