“IFS talks”- a new audio series

Learn more about Internal Family Systems through this audio series which covers topics including:

– All Erotic Parts are Welcome, with Larry Rosenberg

– IFS, Trauma and Neuroscience, with Frank Anderson

– From Reactive to Self Led Parenting, with Paul Neustadt

– IFS as a Metamodel of Therapy, with Art Mones

– The Role of Legacy Burdens on Anxiety, Depression and Shame, with Ann Sinko

– Shame and Guilt as central for IFS work, with Martha Sweezy

– Bringing IFS to Children and Parents, with Lisa Spiegel

– IFS with Children and Adolescents, with Pam Krause

– IFS on Addictions and Eating Disorders, with Mary Kruger

– Embodying the Internal Family, with Susan McConnell

– Bringing IFS to Extreme Parts, with Cece Sykes

– IFS on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion, with Kate Lingren