Francoise Bourzat’s Consciousness Medicine; curating personal, social and environmental balance

Consciousness-expanding portals which invite us toward deeper intra-psychic places include meditation, yoga, breath work, certain kinds of psychotherapy such as IFS and Hakomi, expressive arts, rituals, and psychedelics. Traveling through these portals offers us the experience of non-ordinary states of being, and in the process, we can forge new patterns of alignment and self-nurturance, and greater connection with our Wise One within.

Certain forms of Psychotherapy, including IFS and Hakomi, offer such an exploration of our deeper realms. Through mindful attention and imaginative visualization, we can visit many different parts of ourselves, and gather unexpected and transformational information. What burdens do our different parts carry? How old are they? What beliefs have they concretized about you? What jobs do these parts take on to keep you safe? And what are they needing in order to relax and heal? These “intra-psychic visits” typically have an other-worldly feeling to them- as if you have been on a journey.

Francoise Bourzat’s new book, Consciousness Medicine, is a resource for those looking to explore these venues more deeply. Here is the link below: