Adjustment difficulties

Despite our desire to remain steadfast, we cannot insulate from life’s impact. We have all held visions of how things were supposed to be. Yet inevitably, life does not comply with our expectations. This human journey demands a digestion process which requires deep courage, sensitivity, perseverance, resilience, love and wholeheartedness. And we cannot do this alone.

Human suffering is not a gratuitous experience. We can liken our travel through challenge to a culinary colander- it necessitates radical discernment of what is essential. As we navigate through our pain, we may need to shed constricting beliefs or dissatisfying relationships. This kind of shedding is scary and painful- it can even feel like a death. Yet when we make it though, we discover what remains is what truly matters. And with our newfound bolstered sense of resilience, we can rekindle our trust and connection to our wise inner compass.